Monday, June 11, 2012

"Rooney is not playing because of his actions Alone"

Donetsk - the French national team center back, Adil Rami opt out of sympathy for the absence of England striker Wayne Rooney in a match between Les Bleus versus Three Lions this evening that was held at Donbass Arena, Donestk, Ukraine. 

Rooney's red card in England qualifiers due to kick counter Montenegro Miodrag Dzudovic, Harry Redknapp was sad and dissapointed with that.

Action is not necessary that it is detrimental to the Three Lions as UEFA decide to punish the three games before finally winning the FA and UEFA appeals ultimately punish only two games at Euro 2012. 

"If Rooney can not play it's his own fault," said Rami, as reported by the Guardian on Monday (6/11/2012).  "He himself was supposed to look at the qualifying events, and French is no problem with the absence of Rooney. We just concentrate on our own job," snapped this Valencia player. 

Rami also insisted, children upbringing Laurent Blanc will not underestimate England even though they left some star players due to injury. He was also wary of physical force which has been the mainstay of the team of Roy Hodgson.  "There's too much talk about the English players are injured, but we will not relax at all in this game," said Rami.  "The game against England will require great physical effort.

Best team will win the last game and I'm sure the French can do it, although it will not be easy at all," said the former Lille player.  "But the key is to anticipate their movements and avoid giving offense to dangerous areas near us. This will be a tough match and a real test to start the tournament," he concluded. Selengkapnya...

Selected Prandelli, Giaccherini feel Happy.

Gdansk - One of the surprises that made ​​Italy coach Cesare Prandelli is to play the Gli Azzurri Emanuele Giaccherini when dealing with Spain, last night.

Although only the first play for the national team, admitted Giaccherini appear confident. In a match that ended in a 1-1 draw, Giaccherini even play for 90 minutes. By using a 3-5-2 formation, Prandelli make Juventus retainer as right midfielder.

"The words of the coach to make me happy, but I just do what is instructed by the coach. That was my first game (with the national team) and opponent is facing a team like Spain, but, I play without fear, "said Giaccherini, as reported by Football-Italy on Monday (6/11/2012).

Responding to the results last night, Giaccherini said that since the beginning of Italy did not fear the superiority of Spain. "We know that we started the game rather than a team that was undefeated status," added the 26-year-old players.

Giaccherini is a young Italian talent whose status is joint ownership between Juventus and Cesena. Last season, he is an important part of the success of Juventus won the Serie A, under coach Antonio Conte. Selengkapnya...

Sergio Ramos Speak Italian & Issues Italian Split

Gdansk - National Team Spain defender Sergio Ramos praised the Italian national team after the draw against La Furia Roja 1-1 in their opening match of Group C Euro 2012 early this morning. 

Children Vicente Del Bosque able to quickly bounce back from a goal behind through Antonio Di Natale. Spain's Cesc Fabregas returned through a goal four minutes after the goal Di Natale.

Ramos judge, if you see what happened to the Spanish counter-Italy match, he believes Gli Azzurri will go far in Euro 2012.  "We played great against the Italians who came to attack us, to put pressure on us, and they have players who can make a difference," Ramos said as quoted by Soccerway on Monday (6/11/2012).

"They will become an important team," he continued.  Ramos then also talked about the rumors circulating in the Spanish national team split between Barcelona and Real Madrid player. However, Ramos said firmly, La Furia Roja all professional players, then when the national team appearances for Spain, all attributes related to the club to be released. 

"Spain went with our own strength. Running game against Italy was complicated at first, but in the second half we created more space and opportunities in front of the opponent's goal," said Real Madrid player.  "When it comes the news of this kind (the issue of split), I think we all who are here are professional players and to remove the problems that previously occurred at the club level," he concluded. Selengkapnya...

Redknapp: British Defense Superior

LONDON - Many people think the UK will not shine at Euro 2012 because of injuries and the absence of Wayne Rooney in the first two games. However, Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp denies it. 

Ahead of the start of Euro 2012, the main pillars of the UK began to fall due to injury. After Gareth Barry and Frank Lampard, lastly, Gary Cahill's turn to compete in four annual event vanished. 

"I do not think England will fall. Their games are well organized and we have great players, "Redknapp said, as quoted by The Sun, Monday (06/11/2012).  Redknapp, who previously coached the most favored to handle the Three Lions, said five people in the area of ​​defense will be key to the success of the UK. According to him, heading back line filled with great players. 

"Goalkeeper (UK) is very good, like Ashley Cole is the best left-back. John Terry and Joleon Lescott? I do not know if there is a central defender partner better than them, "he said.  "Nor is there a better right-back Glen Johnson from. I do not think you will find 5 players superior at the back (besides them), and it would be a good capital for the job Roy, "said Redknapp. 

Not only that, Redknapp also praised the two English midfielder Steven Gerrard and Scott Parker as a powerful player. With a quality squad, uncle Frank Lampard believes the Three Lions will achieve victory after victory at Euro 2012. Selengkapnya...

Ukraine coach denied his country was racist

KIEV - Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin defend his country against accusations of racism that threaten the smooth running of Europe's biggest football tournament, Euro 2012 in which Ukraine became one of the hosts in addition to Poland.  In a press conference before the game cons Sweden Ukraine early day,

Blokhin pay close attention to a question from reporters about some of the racial incidents that occurred so far this quadrennial tournament held since June 8.  "I do not want to talk about racism. There is no racism in Ukraine," said Blokhin, as reported by Reuters on Monday (6/11/2012).

"This is a political issue I think has nothing to do with football. If any event, it's not going to happen in Ukraine," he said.  Before the ongoing Euro 2012, Ukraine was highlighted was due to some problems that afflict this country Andriy Shevchenko. Mainly related to political issues such as allegations of racism, human rights violations, the fate of the jailed opposition to the government of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko known to be tortured by prison guards in Ukraine, that's what makes the European countries to protest to the Government of Ukraine. In fact, some countries had previously called for a boycott of Ukraine as the organizers of Euro 2012, although in the end of this tournament continues.  It has become the biggest sporting event in eastern Europe since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

With the controversy that continues to hit since FIFA decided to Poland and Ukraine to host Euro 2012, so far there is little sparks racism that occurred from the fans.  Sure to be a chore for both countries to minimize these incidents are not diiinginkan, mainly due to the racial issue, not just through words, but also action and awareness of each participating country fans to be mature. Selengkapnya...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mancini Praised Nasri Against Chelsea

Manchester - Carlos Tevez In addition, there is one other player who received praise from Roberto Mancini in the match against Chelsea. The player is Samir Nasri.

Together with David Silva, who finally pulled in the second half, Samir Nasri plotted by Roberto Mancini as a regulator of second-line attack. The Frenchman was also performed okay and finally contributed one goal, which became the winner of The Citizens.

Goal is more so important because the City successfully cut the distance to a point with Manchester United.

Soccernet Nasri be noted that most players who opened fire on the match at Etihad Stadium. He was six shots off, with two of them on target status.

However, Mancini also said that Nasri can still perform better.

"Samir Nasri played well, but he still could be better," said the former Inter Milan manager was in Sportinglife.

"He's still growing. He is a class player and if it continues to play like that, then he could be as good as David Silva or even Xavi (Hernandez)," said Mancini.

This season, Samir Nasri has played 22 times in the Premier League and contributed three goals for the City. Selengkapnya...

Beat Chelsea, Manchester City Approach MU

Manchester - Manchester City while maintaining a distance with the top standings after Manchester United beat Chelsea. Had left earlier, The Citizens narrowly won 2-1.

In a match that was held at Etihad Stadium on Thursday (3/22/2012) morning, Chelsea scored with Gary Cahill. But two goals each from Sergio Aguero and penalty Samir Nasri gives three points for the hosts.

Full point is once again bring the City against city rivals Manchester United, on top of the standings with one point difference. City is now 69 points from 29 games.

Meanwhile, Chelsea stuck at number five with 49 points with the same amount of action.

In the 10th minute Juan Mata's turn to make the City goalkeeper vibrate almost suppose that the use of bait Fernando Torres shot was not wide of the target.

A minute later City had the opportunity again by Sami Nasri. The ball bounced over Petr Cech but unfortunately still stuck the crossbar.

A half-hour walk game City again have a chance to score a goal. Mario Balotelli did a solo run after Frank Lampard capitalized on a mistake in passing the ball. But unfortunately his shot the ball can still be ignored by Cech as the two face each other.

Score was 0-0 when it graced the halftime scoreboard.

An hour standoff finally solved the game goes and Chelsea went ahead successfully. Starting a corner, there was chaos in the penalty area and Cahill struck a loose ball by a hard kick that hit the body before Yaya Toure into the net. Joe Hart is dead and unable to reach a step.

At the 77th minute City successfully equalized by white dots, following a handball by Michael Essien. Aguero who ran as an executor successfully netted the top right corner and outwit Cech.

Nasri! City turned 2-1 ahead on 85 minutes when Nasri with the cooperation of the two defense splitting Carlos Tevez Chelsea. Tevez turned the ball to Nasri Nasri and the ball then rolled past the obstacles Cech.

Until the game ended the score remained.

The lineup :

Man City: Hart, Zabaleta, Richards, Toure, Clichy, Silva (Dzeko 76 '), Yaya Toure, De Jong (Tevez 67'), Nasri, Aguero, Balotelli (Barry 47 ')

Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Mikel, Meireles (Essien 59 '), Ramires, Lampard, Mata, Torres (Drogba 72'). Selengkapnya...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Manchester City have to Perform Well

Manchester - Manchester City have not been able to rest. After the win over Chelsea, they're expected Stoke City this weekend. The Citzens also required to perform better again.

Manchester City get win 2-1 when Chelsea entertain at Etihad Stadium on Thursday (3/22/2012) pm dawn. The victory was important because it makes their distances to be shortened with Manchester United by one point.

After the match, Roberto Mancini praised the performance Carlos Tevez and Samir Nasri. Tevez, who has not appeared for months due to dispute with the club, providing assists for his second City of printed Nasri. While Nasri, look good to be the playmaker, with David Silva.

Manchester City staff is still to be dividing his players, when the competition for the championship title is now entering a crucial period. Unfortunately for them, the two central defenders mainstay, Joleon Lescott and Vincent Kompany, is still plagued injury.

Mancini hopes Kompany could be recovered and played in the match against Stoke. While Lescott has certainly could not perform.

Manchester City won five victories in the last six games in the Premier League. Worst outcome is when they get defeated Swansea City 0-1, which makes them lose the top position.

Although able to reach five wins, Mancini assess his team the game is on the level of mediocrity. Therefore, he asked his squad to perform better when they travel to Stoke on Saturday (03/24/2012).

"I do not think we played well in three or four weeks. In fact, before we present a fantastic football," he said after the game against Chelsea as reported Sportinglife.

"After that, we play mediocre. Hopefully, after tonight everything will change," he continued. Selengkapnya...