Thursday, March 22, 2012

Manchester City have to Perform Well

Manchester - Manchester City have not been able to rest. After the win over Chelsea, they're expected Stoke City this weekend. The Citzens also required to perform better again.

Manchester City get win 2-1 when Chelsea entertain at Etihad Stadium on Thursday (3/22/2012) pm dawn. The victory was important because it makes their distances to be shortened with Manchester United by one point.

After the match, Roberto Mancini praised the performance Carlos Tevez and Samir Nasri. Tevez, who has not appeared for months due to dispute with the club, providing assists for his second City of printed Nasri. While Nasri, look good to be the playmaker, with David Silva.

Manchester City staff is still to be dividing his players, when the competition for the championship title is now entering a crucial period. Unfortunately for them, the two central defenders mainstay, Joleon Lescott and Vincent Kompany, is still plagued injury.

Mancini hopes Kompany could be recovered and played in the match against Stoke. While Lescott has certainly could not perform.

Manchester City won five victories in the last six games in the Premier League. Worst outcome is when they get defeated Swansea City 0-1, which makes them lose the top position.

Although able to reach five wins, Mancini assess his team the game is on the level of mediocrity. Therefore, he asked his squad to perform better when they travel to Stoke on Saturday (03/24/2012).

"I do not think we played well in three or four weeks. In fact, before we present a fantastic football," he said after the game against Chelsea as reported Sportinglife.

"After that, we play mediocre. Hopefully, after tonight everything will change," he continued.

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