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Teresa Scanlan Win Miss America 2011

UNITED STATES - Nebraska Girl Teresa Scanlan Win Miss America 2011. The Miss America 2011 has been around 90 years, but Miss Nebraska had never won the title - until last night when it was announced Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011.

Teresa Scanlan has also won at 17 the youngest Miss America since Margaret Gorman, the first winner of the election, at the age of 16 way back in 1921.

Teresa Scanlan showed its confidence in the beginning of the program. She predicted that the highest honor they pre-tape a short video that shows, after she gave in the second semi-final win.

"I will be the next Miss America, because I can do to make a difference and change life and the next Miss America should be able to inspire hope and new," says Teresa Scanlan.

teresa scanlan miss america 2011
Producers invited former winners of the show in 90th Join the competition. An impressive former Miss America turned 43, including Lee Meriwether (1955) and Phyllis George (1971). George is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the chosen Has her roses Teresa Scanlan presents for her name as winner to win.

miss america 2011
Pageant judges included Joy Behar ("The View"), Marc Cherry (creator / executive producer, "Desperate Housewives"), Marilu Henner ("Taxi") and Tony Dovolani (Dancing With the Stars. ") Though they were introduced, they do not really get the chance to say a few words. Behar a few laughs in the Tweeting all night. She responded to questions sent in by her supporters.

Joy Behar joked in a tweet that they could no cellulite in the swimsuit competition.

Songs' Dynamite 'by Taio Cruz, "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and a lively mix of' (I) The Time of My Life "were used during the program, but fortunately kept the tradition show play" There she is , Miss America "was crowned the winner after Scanlan.

Each of the 53 participants placed themselves at the beginning of the show. Many of the intros were cheese-tastic. Namely: "The state, which gets more than any other - but not inappropriate, I'm Alicia Grove, Miss Wyoming"

Host Brooke Burke ("DWTS") and Chris Harrison ("The Bachelor"), no strangers live TV, kept the action moving. Harrison is used by about a bevy of beautiful women, even though these women had a crown on the hunt - not a man. Burke would easily win next year's Miss America, she has a habit of winning and hosting the live shows from ABC.

The show last winners were interviewed during the broadcast. Although this is a great idea, the question is about shoes, designer shoes warehouse, a sponsor of the program, which was actually titled course "Miss America Pageant the DSW Presents."

Miss America 2011, 17-year-old Miss Nebraska, Teresa Scanlan, the youngest winner since 1933.

miss america 2011 pageant
Teresa Scanlan, a beautiful blonde in a one-shoulder white dress with crystal embellishments on the neck and shoulder-duster earrings, wearing her crown and sash of the retirement Miss America 2010, was Virginia Caressa Cameron.

Teresa Scanlan, who has graduated from high school early begin their reign with a $ 50,000 college scholarship and the opportunity to parade their platform before the fight eating disorders.

The first runner up was Miss Arkansas, 22-year-old Alyse Eady.

The 53 participants included a parade first Top 10 semi-finals Miss Delaware Kayla Martell, probably soon be the only candidate in election history. Martell, 21, the hair loss due to alopecia areata has suffered for 10 years, on stage wearing a blonde wig. She began competing for the title of Miss Delaware three years ago, won the election after officials persuaded them wear wigs on stage. They usually wig-free in their daily lives.

So what qualifies a woman to be Miss America?

miss nebraska teresa scanlan miss america 2011
After many years, hard work, it was weird, it comes at a time:
Pageant rules determine the winner of the five finalists will be selected on a last question, with judges ranking the candidates in order on their response.

Teresa Scanlan confronted with a question about the Wikileaks controversy - Yikes, tough question. They walked the line and said: "Our safety as a country must come first," but added that those problems of the personal freedom to understand.

A lot more from us about the competition, well, warm and not hot-button issues.

Preliminary assessment in the categories of lifestyle and fitness (swimsuit for the pageant is speaking), evening wear and talent deserves a spot in the semi-final 11 participants. (Scanlan hit from "Whitewater Chopsticks" on the piano.)

The winner of the swimsuit preliminaries, all ruffles black bikini peep-toe heels, including Oklahoma Emoly Miss West, Miss Alabama and Miss Hawaii Ashley Davis Jale rifleman. Talent winners were Miss North Carolina, Adrienne Core, Iceland Miss Rhode, Deborah Saint-Vil and crown winners Teresa Scanlan.

2011 miss america
The scholarship competition, which has been updated to appear more relevant in recent years, returns to ABC for the live broadcast for the first time since 2005.

Joining ABC network brought some familiar faces from the jury, including "The View" Joy Behar, "Dancing with the Stars" pro Tony Dovolani and "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry. Shoe designer Taryn Rose, actress Marilu Henner, Miss America 1990/CBS anchor Debby Turner Bell and country music star Mark Wills rounded to the panel.

'DWTS' host / Skechers spokeswoman Brooke Burke shared hosting duties with a man who lived, surrounded by nervous candidates, "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison.

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