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Bad Weather Come Dallas America Regions

Fort Worth - United States for America Bad Weather. Bad Weather come to Dallas America Three rounds of storms swept through North Texas on Tuesday, producing rain, hail, strong winds and unconfirmed reports of tornadoes.

"This is one of the largest storm systems in the affected area since 2007," said Mark Fox, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

The storm was caused by "a large upper low moving into the area and a dry line so that the storm of fire," he said.

Storm sirens asked people to engage in Tarrant, Denton and Parker counties head and elsewhere in North Texas.

"We do not have the extent of the damage. We are just trying to keep people safe now know," said Juan Ortiz, emergency management coordinator for Fort Worth and Tarrant County, said about 20.00 hours.

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A spokeswoman for Oncor, said the power was out to tens of thousands of customers knocked.

"The losses followed the path of the storm," said Ashley Burton. "Our crews as quickly and as safely as possible, working to restore power."


At least one tornado touched claimed in the Azle area.

"We heard reports of rain-wrapped tornadoes, rain so heavy that masks the Tornado," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said. "You do not know it is there to whip you."

About 9 clock, a pile of twisted metal that had to be on the roof of the Azle Arts Association Theater on the parking lot of Josefina's Mexican Cafe Sat Both companies, at the entrance of Texas 199, sustained substantial damage.

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The roof hit the top of the cafe, where they destroyed air conditioning units, down a power line and hit the back of a Ford pickup before stopping.

About 20 people were at the time restaurants, but nobody was hurt, said the owner MaLuisa Raga.

Lisha Gregson, chairman of the Azle Arts Association Popcorn Players said the injury could not have come at a worse time.

"We have a game on June 10," Gregson said. "We pray for a roof."

Along the border towns of Denton and Arygle, two houses in the Lakes development at Crawford Road considerable damage, and nearby houses had minor damage, said police spokesman Denton Ryan Grelle. Funnel clouds were observed, but no touchdowns were reported, he said.


The Rangers-White Sox Game Rangers Ballpark was 8.23 ​​clock stopped when the storm reached Arlington. Fans on the upper deck were first asked to move. Then were told to evacuate everyone.

About 9 clock had the Rangers fans transition from the central hall in the service tunnel to the clubhouse level.

Golf ball-size hail was reported elsewhere in the city.

D / FW Airport

Numerous flights were Dallas / Fort Worth Airport delays and hail up to 100 taxis damaged, beginning about 8 clock, said airport spokesman David Magaña.

Many leave the plane back to the terminal and the passengers got out before the storm arrived. The staff, they moved away from windows and in protected areas.

Large hail up to 100 stands at the taxi rank at the southern end of the damaged airport, Magaña said, but no injuries were reported.


Residents on the west side of Saginaw believe a small tornado tore down fences, shingles from roofs and broke the limbs Whisper Wood Estates near Old Decatur Road.

Melissa Chavez, who lives on the farm in January in her front yard taking pictures of the approaching storm of 19.30 clock, when she heard a noise like a freight train and felt a pressure.

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"I tried to enter the house, but I could not open the door," she said. "Even with my son and brother-in-law's help, we could not open the door."

In the street, saw Rodney Lane movement in the air and went to the house. His neighbor's fence was abandoned, blown with part of her knocking the chimney of their roof.

He said his neighbors' fences are gone, and there are other minor damage. No damage was in the industrial zone of the city.

Northeast Tarrant

Throughout Northeast Tarrant County, hail, wind and rain were reported, but no rotating clouds or serious damage.

Ashleigh Whiteman, Hurst community relations manager, stood near a window, the scene around her house to describe. But she was never far from the inner cabinet she had prepared in case she needed better protection.

"It was really scary," she said. "Ominous. We were quite large hail like golf ball size, for 30 seconds to one minute. Our sirens about 8 hours, but we never saw a tornado. "

Colleyville City Manager Jennifer Fadden reported no major incidents, although they said the sky was "ugly" about 08.40 clock

"Back in the east, the clouds are very upset," she said. "We activated our outdoor warning sirens shortly before eight hours, as most of Tarrant County cities have done."

Colleyville received hail, strong winds and rain and a considerable amount of 08.45 hours was all over.

"We are delighted to be free from," said Fadden.

Staff writer Gordon Dickson, Sandra Angel Land, Terry Evans, Susan and Steve McFarland Norder contributed to this report.

Tampa, Florida

Storms swept through North Texas on Tuesday, making rain, hail, strong winds and unconfirmed reports of tornadoes. The bad weather DFW International Airport to try a treatment to the cancellation of more flights.

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Bad weather caused the cancellation of more than 200 flights since Monday. has affected American Airlines, he said only 50-60 flights canceled on Tuesday, travelers trying to fly to Tampa International Airport.

Sabrina Haynes hours of waiting by the phone in Lakeland with her niece TIA fly. Kinesha King left Lawton, Oklahoma, a flight from DFW to catch on Monday.

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